Bitcoin Chess, Other Rewarded Games Released by Fintech ZEBEDEE, VIKER

ZEBEDEE, the Fintech and next-generation payment processor for the gaming industry, and VIKER, the innovative mobile games studio that’s taking over the Play-and-Earn space,  announced the launch of two new rewarded games, “with more to come soon.”

These new releases continue VIKER’s strategy of using ZEBEDEE’s next-generation payments tech “to bring a fresh spin to classic games everyone in the world knows and loves.”

Bitcoin Chess (iOS and Android) and Bitcoin Scratch (iOS and Android) are “the latest additions to VIKER’s portfolio of ZEBEDEE-powered games, which already includes classics like Solitaire and Sudoku.”

While Bitcoin Chess is pretty self-explanatory, Bitcoin Scratch is an even more approachable concept, “where players receive packs of scratch cards, with a chance to earn Bitcoin if the cards hold the right combos on them.”

The two new games “mark another milestone in a fruitful partnership that has produced 10 games so far and pioneered the concept of sustainable Play-and-Earn in casual mobile games, powered by Bitcoin nano transactions.”

Essentially, players receive “a revenue share from the game, meaning VIKER splits what they’re earning from the game with the player.”

This creates “a more engaging experience for players, leading to better retention and ultimately makes the game more profitable, despite the revenue share.” These are not large amounts of money, though, “with players earning a few cents per session, which is what makes the concept sustainable.”

Dan Beasley, Co-Founder of VIKER, said:

“Ultimately, implementing rewards with ZEBEDEE’s platform isn’t about players earning money, it’s about creating a more interesting and fun experience. Because earning these tiny rewards simply feels great, regardless of if it’s small amounts that won’t materially impact most people’s lives. But at the same time, it’s real money that you earn just for having fun. So when you can play chess and get Bitcoin for it, why would you play a version without that? They’re both chess, one is just more rewarding.”

ZEBEDEE’s payments platform is “what makes these tiny payments possible, as well as easy to integrate inside games and applications.”

Because they use the Bitcoin Lightning Network, payments can “be as small as a fraction of a cent and processed instantly and globally.”

It doesn’t matter “if you’re in the US, Europe, India or the Philippines, Bitcoin travels instantly, works the same and is worth the same everywhere.” With ZEBEDEE, players “don’t have to know anything about crypto to make use of the rewards they earn.”

VIKER and ZEBEDEE are already “gearing up for their next game launch, which promises to be even more impactful, as they will be adding the first very well-known franchise to their portfolio.”

But while the two companies tease that the next game is “based on a brand and concept every person in the world knows, they are staying silent on the details of what’s coming.”

For now, players have plenty of games “to enjoy and earn Bitcoin in, as well as ample possibilities to spend it.”

All they need to do to get started is “get the ZEBEDEE app.”

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