Blockchain Development: Caldera, Hyperlane to Bring Permissionless Interoperability to its Rollups

Hyperlane and Caldera are pleased to announce their collaboration “to bring permissionless interoperability between any Caldera rollup and to any EVM chain.”

Permissionless interoperability “enables any Caldera rollup to self-deploy the Hyperlane interoperability stack and easily access all of its features, ranging from interchain apps to interchain asset transfers to interchain queries.”

To start, Caldera has permissionlessly “deployed a Hyperlane bridge between Testnet Caldera rollups on Polygon and Ethereum Goerli.”

In addition, you can start “deploying Hyperlane to your own Caldera testnet rollup yourself with these docs, or you can contact the Caldera team directly to assist you with bringing interoperability to your Caldera chain.”

As explained in the update, ​​Caldera specializes in “building high-performance app-specific rollups.” Caldera Chains aim to “offer high throughput, low latency, and customizable features for optimizing the performance and user experience of decentralized apps, with the ability to process hundreds of transactions per second and sub-second confirmation times.”

As noted in a blog post, Caldera makes it simple “for developers to deploy custom rollups with minimal code.”

But it also needed “to offer developers an interoperability solution with equally simple deployment.” Without it, developers have “to rely on lobbying permissioned interoperability solutions to manually deploy on their chain, which is unfeasible at scale.”

Hyperlane’s Permissionless Interoperability solution is complements “the Caldera rollup stack, enabling anyone to easily deploy the Hyperlane interoperability stack to any EVM based chain.”

Additionally, Hyperlane’s modular architecture “enables developers to customize their app’s interchain security model based on their needs.” So developers can “have full-range control of both their blockchain stack and interoperability stack, all in one place.”

As noted in the update:

“We’re super excited to partner with Hyperlane to enable permissionless interoperability for our customers on Caldera rollups. The developer experience of building with Hyperlane has been remarkable, with their comprehensive docs and the Hyperlane team always being available to support as well.”

As explained in a blog post, Hyperlane claims it is “the first Permissionless Interoperability layer, meaning anyone can bring the Hyperlane interoperability stack to any blockchain, any appchain, any rollup, anytime.”

With Hyperlane deployed on their chains of choice, developers can build Interchain Applications, apps that “abstract away the complexity of interchain interactions and serve users on any connected chain.”

Additionally, Hyperlane’s modular security “gives developers the power to customize their interchain security.” Developers can “mix, match, and stack security models, or even build their own. Explore the interchain in peace.”

Hyperlane development “is open-source and led by core developers at Abacus Works.”

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