Web 3.0 Adoption: Boson Protocol Appoints Web3 Professional Holly Wood as Director of Business Dev

Boson Protocol, an open-source, foundational infrastructure for facilitating decentralized commerce on Web3, has made the strategic appointment of Holly Wood as Director of Business Development.

Holly will be “driving adoption of the protocol after Boson moved from closed beta to open access earlier this month.”

Prior to this role, Holly spent “close to twenty years refining her expertise working with luxury brands, fashion, and fine art. She also founded and manages HollyWoodLabs.io — a Web3 advisory agency based in London, specialising in incubating ideas and venture building.”

Holly’s appointment “aligns with the purpose of Boson Protocol, which is enabling the sale of physical products as NFTs, everywhere; online, in-verse and on-NFT marketplaces.”

Justin Banon, Co-Founder of Boson Protocol, said:

“Holly is such a great culture fit for Boson Protocol. Her background in making connections, empowering creators, and driving development in decentralised art communities illustrates that she is a big dreamer and a strategic thinker. Holly will be supporting Boson Protocol through its next stage of growth, following our move to open access, and enabling this technology to outlast us all. Holly backs individuals that want their share in the value they create, and that’s an essential mindset for increasing the use of our protocol. For us right now, it’s all about adoption, adoption, adoption.”

Boson is a foundational infrastructure “for decentralized commerce and has been awarded Technology Pioneer status by the World Economic Forum.”

Boson has “solved the hard tech problems of digi-physical twin technology; tokenizing, twinning, and trading physical items as NFTs, so sellers can focus on creating innovative decentralized commerce experiences for their customers.”

Previously in closed beta, Boson partnered “with close to 50 select sellers, including well-known brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, 8SIAN, Blvck Paris, and more.”

Having recently moved to open access, anyone “can now sell physical products as NFTs, everywhere — online, in-verse, and on NFT marketplaces.”

Holly Wood, Director of Business Development at Boson Protocol, added:

“Creative expression always seeks out new mediums. As soon as new tools become available, you can be guaranteed that someone will find a way to pour their identity into it. Web3 tooling provides a unique way to do just that, enabling individuals to imbue their identity to abstract articles which could be digital and physical. Boson Protocol affords the same possibilities for businesses, supporting brands to connect with new audiences while enabling a collaborative and trustless foundation for digital commerce to take place. This is the future of fashion: where authentic luxury items and the brands behind them become fused digitally. Boson Protocol is uniquely placed to be a new global standard for digi-physical twin technology.”

As noted in the update, Boson Protocol claims it “is Web3’s decentralized commerce Layer, enabling the commercial exchange of any physical thing as redeemable NFTs.”

Redeemable NFTs (rNFTs) can “be thought of as NFT vouchers for things which can be: bundled to create phygitals and digital twins, programmed to enable token-gating to holders of specific NFTs and configured to return royalties on secondary sales. Simply purchase the redeemable NFT and get the physical item or your money back.”

In March of 2021, Boson completed “a $25.8m public sale, having also successfully raised $10 million USD in private investment rounds.”

V2 of the Boson Protocol “launched in late 2022 and has been lauded as a foundational piece of Web3 infrastructure, with Boson being awarded World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer status for the potential of this technology to democratise and transform global commerce.”

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