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Web 3.0 Adoption: Boson Protocol Appoints Web3 Professional Holly Wood as Director of Business Dev

Boson Protocol, an open-source, foundational infrastructure for facilitating decentralized commerce on Web3, has made the strategic appointment of Holly Wood as Director of Business Development. Holly will be “driving adoption of the protocol after Boson moved from closed beta to open access earlier this month.”… Read More

Alterrage Teams Up with Boson Protocol to Open Phygital Web3 Store

Web3’s commerce layer Boson Protocol is partnering with Alterrage, a DAO-led fashion label leveraging blockchain technology, “to create interoperable collections across physical, augmented, and digital spaces.” The partnership will see Alterrage “open a phygital Web3 store where buyers will be able to purchase the unique… Read More

Boson Protocol v2, Web3’s Digital Commerce Layer, to Launch on Polygon

The developers of Boson Protocol are pleased to announce the introduction of Boson Protocol v2, which is described as “the breakthrough technology enabling digital to physical redemption without intermediaries is launching on Polygon.” Polygon is an Ethereum scaling platform that “enables developers to build scalable… Read More

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