Regtech 0xKYC, a Developer of Permissionless Identity Solutions, Partners with Hinkal Protocol, a Privacy-focused DeFi Platform

A “significant” advancement has been made in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector as 0xKYC, a developer of pioneering permissionless identity solutions, joins forces with Hinkal Protocol, a privacy-focused DeFi platform.

This partnership marks a thoughtful integration of compliance and privacy, creating an environment “where private yield farming strategies can occur without the risk of involvement with sanctioned individuals.”

What distinguishes this collaboration is the integration of 0xKYC’s soulbound tokens “into Hinkal Protocol’s operations.” These tokens utilize permissionless zero-knowledge proofs, “a unique approach that allows verification of a non-sanctioned wallet without needing the owner’s explicit consent or the need to share their data with third parties.”

The impact of this development is multifaceted. It enables 0xKYC “to meet their goal of securing the DeFi world, placing them at the leading edge of privacy-preserving DeFi integrations.” It also enhances “the trustworthiness and user experience of Hinkal Protocol, simplifying the verification process to a single, annual 30-second check.”

The seasoned team at 0xKYC, “with their extensive sector experience, is poised to not only challenge the DeFi identity market but also impact the broader Web3 sector.” Their prior accomplishments “include white-hat hacking of multiple IDV solutions and co-creation of Belgium’s first mobile banking onboarding system.”

Much like the khinkali, a Georgian delicacy that beautifully conceals its contents, the 0xKYC and Hinkal Protocol partnership “merges compliance, liquid assets, and private transactions without exposing these elements to public view.” This collaboration introduces “a new model for privacy-compliant crypto trading.”

With over $1m in traded assets, Hinkal Protocol “views the partnership as a valuable enhancement to its platform.” The integration of 0xKYC’s tokens brings “an additional layer of security and efficiency to the crypto market.” More importantly, it creates “a future where financial transactions can be private, decentralized, secure and compliant, offering a safer and more reliable DeFi ecosystem.”

This partnership signifies “an important moment for the DeFi sector, offering potential to drive the market forward.”

As noted in the update, 0xKYC, a partner of the globally respected identity verification service Onfido and creators of the one-user one-vote solution “Sunscreen”, is shaping “the landscape of permissionless identity solutions.”

As a key player in the private DeFi space, Hinkal Protocol is committed “to pushing the boundaries of embedded privacy.”

The integration of 0xKYC tokens solidifies this commitment, “helping to shape a future where financial transactions are secure, private, and inclusive.”

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