Ethereum Scaling Solution to Support Derivio, a Crypto Derivatives Trading Platform

Derivio, a Binance Labs incubated institutional-grade decentralized derivatives trading platform, is thrilled to announce their mainnet launch on zkSync Era, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum.

Derivio seeks to unlock the full potential of decentralized trading and enhance how users engage with DeFi derivatives, by “creating trading experiences and a richness of market availability that surpass present-day CEXs.”

On-chain derivatives exchanges regularly “facilitate over a billion dollars in total daily volume – even in a deep bear market.”

However, the derivatives trading market still “has plenty of room to grow, as seen in the huge volume gap between CeFi and DeFi derivatives trading.”

Derivio was developed as “a forward-thinking derivatives ecosystem.”

It is designed to accommodate “the future of DeFi through its richness of offerings, prioritization of intuitive UX, and an ever-growing range of products that are appealing to both retail and institutional participants with varying needs and experience levels in DeFi.”

Put simply: DeFi for all.

Derivio also offers traders innovative DeFi derivatives products, “starting with perpetual futures & digital options, with a wide range of available markets (crypto assets & RWAs).”

Liquidity providers at Derivio can “access risk-adjusted yield protected by its algorithmic design. Derivio has a fully decentralized architecture and offers \self-custody of all assets.”

Powered by zkSync Era: Unmatched performance and user experience

  • Fast transactions: As a leading Ethereum scaling solution, zkSync Era offers low block time to finality.
  • Low gas fees: Using state diffs for data availability, zkSync Era’s gas fees are cheaper than gas costs of leading Layer 1s, powering cost-effective derivatives trading.
  • Seamless trading experience: zkSync Era’s native Account Abstraction enables traders to pay gas fees using ERC20 tokens, utilize one-click trading, create subaccounts, and other features that, when combined, create an unmatched trading UX, fueling mass adoption of DeFi. (Derivio AA features coming soon.)

The Derivio Difference: Features on zkSync Era

  • Traders: Derivio traders can trade perps & options on over 40 markets with deep liquidity, lightning-fast execution, low fees, and seamless UX.
  • Liquidity providers: Liquidity providers at Derivio have high capital efficiency. Derivio pushes the real yield of liquidity providers to the extreme while providing sufficient protection.

As a zkSync Era native decentralized derivatives exchange, users gain “access to a variety of DeFi derivative products, starting with perpetual futures & digital options, with countless markets and pairs being supported, enabling unprecedented composability and utility for any projects coming onto zkSync Era.”

Derivio’s cross-margining and multi-token pool design “serves as the nexus for activating idle funds and a way for projects to enhance their token liquidity and offerings. Simultaneously, we offer high-quality trading experiences to traders. Developers: Derivio is a modular derivatives platform.”

It generalizes the infrastructure “for on-chain derivatives, meaning that developers on zkSync Era who want to implement innovative derivatives vaults or hybrid order book protocols can leverage Derivio’s modularized API.”

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