Global IPO Activity Worst Since 2019

IPO [initial public offering] activity was dismal in 2023. You have to go back to 2019, which was just before the COVID crisis disrupted the world, to find a worse year. A total of 1,429 IPOs were launched globally in 2023 a nearly 16% drop from 2022 and just over 40% of the amount launched in 2021.

In a report from S&P Global Markets, the firm shares that just $24.91 billion in public offerings were made during the fourth quarter of 2023, and a total of $120.31 billion was offered throughout the year.

This compares to $36.57 issued in 2022 and a total for the year of $181.09. Remember, 2022 was a dismal year for for IPOs so things got worse.

The report states that the cumulative worth of the securities sold through IPOs in 2023 was $15.76 billion in 2023, down from $20.91 billion in 2022 and well below the $286.86 billion sold in 2021.

So will 2024 be the year things change? Many people are expecting a bounce this as interest rates hold and, perhaps are cut. Of course global calamities can put a wrench in the works.


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