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S&P Predicts Wave of Mergers and Acquisitions for Fintechs as Valuations Crater

S&P Global Market Intelligence is out with a research note that is predicting a “wave” of mergers and acquisitions in the Fintech sector as the economy slows. The firm states that an unforgiving stock market and declining cash reserves will compel US Fintechs to consolidate… Read More

Fintechs on Sale: S&P Reports that Bigger Firms Looking to Scoop Up Fintechs on the Cheap

Both public and private markets have been hammered. If you are an optimist, everything is on sale. For larger Fintechs, typically publicly traded, this may create an opportunity to scoop up competitors or complementary technologies on the cheap. A report by S&P Analysis says that… Read More

Venture Funding of Payment Fintechs Tops $5.5 Billion in First 6 Months, 5X Year Prior

VC funding of Fintechs continues to boom as more established Fintechs capture outsized funding rounds and smaller firms continue to provide new spins on digital financial services. S&P Global Market Intelligence is out with a focused report stating that $5.56 billion went into the payments… Read More

Good News! US Fintech Funding on Track for Banner Year

Fintech, as a sector of investment, has been hot for years now. The financial services industry is at the beginning of a decades-long transformation where all forms of these services will become digitalized and in some cases ubiquitous. A representative from Plaid recently said, “every… Read More

Watch Out for Disruption! S&P Warns Banks More Fintech Disruption Ahead

This week S&P Global published the Global Banks Midyear report for 2018. While credit conditions remain relatively good, the trade dispute, largely with China, is causing concern. Beyond the overall good economic environment there is a pressing issue when it comes to traditional banks. The… Read More

Insurtech Fail? S&P Report Says Profitability is Elusive for Three Prominent Startups

S&P Global Market Intelligence is out with a report questioning three emerging Insurtech platforms. The report states that profitability is elusive for these startups. Mentioning specifically Lemonade, Metromile, and Root Insurance, S&P says that each reported overall net losses in the second quarter, as incurred losses… Read More

SoFi Closes $303 Million A Rated Securitization of Refinanced Student Loans: Ratings Agencies Include S&P, Moody’s, DBRS

Peer to Peer Lending Platform Achieves “A” Rating from S&P and “A2” from Moody’s Social Finance or “SoFi”, a leader in P2P or marketplace lending, today closed a $303 million+ securitization of refinanced student loans for graduate borrowers. The senior notes were rated “A” by… Read More

Brief: Peer to Peer Lender SoFi Gets S&P Rating on Senior Portion of $270M Deal

According to multiple reports, peer-to-peer lender SoFi, a San Francisco startup, has received a landmark rating on the senior portion of a $270 million P2P deal. S&P and DBRS have assigned a single A rating according to the FT. Mike Cagney, CEO of SoFi was… Read More

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