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Overfunding on Crowdcube: WiseAlpha CEO Ahmad Discusses Growth and Fintech Disruption

wiseAlpha, an online platform that allows people to invest in secured corporate loans of blue-chip British brand name companies such as Virgin Media, RAC, United Biscuits and Eddie Stobart, aims to give people the opportunity to earn a higher rate of interest and diversify their… Read More

Bitreserve Quickly Surpasses £4,6M in Crowdfunding: Cloud-based, Zero-cost Money Transfers & Payment Processing

With the support of over 23 investors, Bitreserve, a money service that makes using digital money easy, fast and free, quickly posted over £4,6M of its £6M goal in funding for 10.70% equity offered through Venovate Marketplace, a U.S.-based brokerage platform for alternative investing, and London-based crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube. Bitreserve,… Read More

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