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Crowdfunding Mailbox: LyfeLens Dash Cam, Coolbox Smart Toolbox & Viper for IoT

LyfeLens is a 360º dash cam for your car.  Now some people may be a bit concerned about documenting their driving habits but for others having a dash cam that works when you are driving your car, and when you are not, could be a pretty… Read More

Satellites Crowdfunded On Kickstarter Sent Into Space From International Space Station

Koichi Wakata released 3 small satellites from the Japanese Robotic Arm today. Pretty exciting to see live. pic.twitter.com/6shSmyqtXi — Mike Hopkins (@AstroIllini) November 19, 2013 Kickstarter has made it to space. In particular, three small satellites were launched into space from the International Space Station… Read More

On Indiegogo: BE MAKER! Is Second Crowdfunding Success For Borderless Electronics

Borderless Electronics found success once already on Indiegogo. The outfit of “hackers, makers and tinkerers” launched a campaign earlier this year for the $9 Arduino compatible starter kit, a small kit of electronic parts that backers could use to begin to learn how to tinker… Read More

The RAPIRO Is A Kickstarted Robot With A Raspberry Pi Brain

RAPIRO stands for RAspberri PI RObot, and is a low-cost robot that runs on open-source Arduino software. It’s already fully funded on Kickstarter, so manufacturing will be a go once the campaign ends. According to the campaign page, the robot makes use of 12 on-board… Read More

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