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Australia’s ThinCats Teams Up With DomaCom For P2P Loan Deals

Online business marketplace lender ThinCats announced earlier this week that it has partnered with investment platform operator DomaCom for loan deals. This collaboration will reportedly provide a greater scope for exposure to property and loan opportunities. DomaCom, which will soon be considered as a crowdfunding service, announced on Friday… Read More

Brief: Australian Fractional Investment Platform DomaCom Readies for ASX Listing

Australia-based crowdfunding platform DomaCom submitted a prospectus with ASIC and subsequently made a formal listing application with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Applications to invest are also now open, according to SMSF Advisor.  An AUS  $10 million target has been set for the raise, the minimum… Read More

DomaCom CEO Arthur Naoumidis Shares Insight on Unique Real Estate Crowdfunding Site (Video)

DomaCom, based in Australia, is a “fractional property investing platform” using a strategy that is likened to a diversified equities portfolio. Arthur Naoumidis, CEO of the platform, spoke to CNBC this week to discuss how his platform operates. Asked how DomaCom is different, Naoumidis stated… Read More

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