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No Cone-endrum Here: Boardwalk Hospitality Scoops the Wefunder Crowd to Open Venice Beach Ben&Jerry’s

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ben & Jerry’s. Make mine Chunky Monkey with chocolate sprinkles in a sugar cone. Wait, there isn’t a Ben & Jerry’s on Venice Beach Boardwalk yet?  Cone-endrum solved: Boardwalk Hospitality will fill the void, given the Wefunder crowd overwhelming… Read More

The Scoop on Crowdfunding – London

The scoop on crowdfunding This year Ben & Jerry’s trained, funded and publicised 10 social entrepreneurs across Europe to crowdfund. Over some ice cream, at this event you can find out what happened and discuss what the lesson are for social enterprises, organisations who support social enterprises, crowdfunding… Read More

Multiple Crowdfunding Platforms Join Ben & Jerry’s Hunt for Entrepreneurs

Yesterday Crowdfund Insider announced that Symbid has partnered with Ben & Jerry’s Join Our Core 2015 competition.  Now several UK crowdfunding platforms have revealed a similar partnership in the hunt for the “brightest social entrepreneurs in Europe”. As noted on the Join Our Core page; Seedrs,… Read More

Ben & Jerry’s, Symbid Hook Up to “Milk the Crowd”

  Symbid, one of the very first investment crowdfunding platforms in the world, has partnered with Ben & Jerry’s with the Join Our Core 2015 competition. The international event is designed to discover the “brightest social entrepreneurs” who share Ben & Jerry’s values.  Symbid and… Read More

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