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Dino Pet Passes Cruises Past Crowdfunding Goal, Stretch Goals Are Set

Yonder Biology launched their glowing Dino Pet on Kickstarter a little over two weeks ago hoping to raise $50,000 for their novel bio-luminescent pet.  Now the crowdfunding campaign stands at over $120,000 raised with two weeks remaining in their project. The project organizers have leveraged… Read More

Two Crowdfunding Campaigns To Bring Bioluminescence To Your Home

Two campaigns crowdfunding now aim to fund projects that use bioluminescent microbes to light the home. One is called the Biobulb, and it is seeking $15,000 on RocketHub. Three Wisconsin University undergraduate students launched the project as part of the Frontier Fellows program at the… Read More

A Project To Make Plants Glow Is Fueling Controversy

A Kickstarter campaign for The Glowing Plant project has stirred the debate over genetically modified organisms. Scientists are planning to use lab techniques to insert DNA that codes for glowing proteins from fireflies and bacteria into plants, so they glow. These glowing plants have been made before —… Read More

Glowing Plant Stands at over $460,000 Raised in Final Hours

Initially targeted to raise $65,000, the break out success of the crowdfunding campaign  Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting with no Electricity on Kickstarter, now stands at over $460,000 raised by over 8000 contributors. The campaign quickly incorporated stretch goals as it became apparent their crowdfunding initiative was… Read More

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