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Good Exit: Crowdfunded Company Celixir Delivers 2.7X Returns for Early Shareholders in Buy-Back Offer

Biotech company Celixir has initiated a share-back for early investors. The company is offering shareholders a 2.7x return if they accept the offer. According to the company, 18% of Celixir shareholders have decided to accept the offer with the remaining holding their shares with the… Read More

On Crowdcube: Stem Cell Research Tool Mfr. Cell Guidance Systems Raises £242K

Cambridge-based stem cell research tool provider Cell Guidance Systems has successfully crowdfunded over £242,000 on equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube. The raise represents a £2,000,000 valuation. The funds come for a 12.14% equity stake dispersed among the crowd. CGS was originally seeking $100,000 in funding for… Read More

Perle Bioscience Goes with BlazeFund to Raise Equity

Perle Bioscience wants to cure diabetes and they need to raise capital to accomplish their goal.  They chose BlazeFund because they specialize in life-sciences and are making a paradigm shift in accessing capital. The statistics on the impact of Type 1 Diabetes is compelling: 26 million patients…. Read More

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