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Blockchain Bundesverband Announces European Blockchain Think Tank, Will Present EU Token Regulation Paper

The Blockchain Bundesverband, an association for the promotion of blockchain technology in Germany, has announced a new think tank for token regulation. “thinkBLOCKtank” will release a joint paper supported by various European countries entitled EU Token Regulation as the group seeks to drive the regulatory… Read More

Blockchain Bundesverband Publishes Recommendations for Regulating Initial Coin Offerings

Blockchain Bundesverband has published an extended version position paper on regulating initial coin offerings (ICOs). This is a follow on publication from a shorter document published this past February. The group seeks to advocate for a regulated market for ICOs in Europe. The aim of this… Read More

Taking the Initiative: Blockchain Bundesverband Makes Legal Recommendations for ICOs to Point Europe in the Right Direction

  The Blockchain Bundesverband has published a position paper on initial coin offerings regarding important regulatory considerations.  The focus is largely on the European Union, and specifically Germany, but the discussion has global considerations regarding exchanges and public policy in general. Much of the world… Read More

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