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Bank of Montreal Introduces AI enhanced Feature for Identifying Potential Cash Shortfalls for its Finance Management Platform

The Bank of Montreal (TSE: BMO), a Canadian multinational investment bank and financial services firm, has reportedly introduced an AI-enhanced feature for its personal financial management (PFM) platform that helps clients with identifying potential cash shortfalls. According to a release, BMO’s CashTrack Insight feature uses… Read More

Intuit’s QuickBooks Accounting Software May Now Access Financial Data Provided by Bank of Montreal Customers via New API

The Bank of Montreal (BMO), a Canadian multinational investment bank and financial services company with over 45,000 employees and a more than 850 billion CAD in assets, has created an API portal to allow small business clients to easily and securely share their data with… Read More

Bank of Montreal Apparently Blocking All Cryptocurrency Transactions

While the Bank of Montreal (BMO) has not made any public pronouncements we are aware of, the Canadian Bank has apparently decided cryptocurrency is too dodgy for their customers. This week a poster on Reddit shared a BMO Bulletin (#632) entitled Blocking Cryptocurrency Transactions for… Read More

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