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IOST Blockchain Partners with Boomstarter Platform

The IOST Foundation has “completed an integration” with Eastern European rewards/donation platform Boomstarter, according to a note from the company. The goal is for the two entities to make $IOST a global fundraising currency to support entrepreneurs and builders in an international expansion plan spanning… Read More

Russian Muslims Seeks Funds Through Boomstarter For Mobile Mosque in Moscow

Ready to find an alternative to the four small mosques in Moscow, a group of Russian Muslims has launched a Boomstarter initiative to raise 850,000 for a mobile mosque. Explaining details about the project, the campaign’s organizer Alsou Hafiz shared that the two million Muslims in… Read More

Arts top in Russian crowdfunding

Crowdfunding – collecting money online for artistic, business, social or charitable projects – is becoming more popular in Russia. The examples of the anti-corruption website RosPil and the Internet publication Colta.ru are inspiring budding businessmen and civil activists to search for supporters on the Net…. Read More

Crowdfunding Platforms Make Their First Steps in Russia

Young Russian film makers, musicians, fashion designers, game developers and tech innovators are now offered a new way to raise the early stage financing they need. Several Russian language crowdfunding platforms have been developed lately, allowing would-be creators and entrepreneurs to advertise their projects and… Read More

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