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Blockchain Platform IOST Reports Mainnet Surpassing 300 Million Block Height and 800K Accounts

The mainnet serves as the fundamental backbone of any public chain ecosystem, playing a pivotal role in “shaping its development,” according to an update from IOST. IOST’s mainnet was officially “launched on February 25, 2019. Over the course of the past four years since its… Read More

Hong Kong: IOST Collaborates with Fintech, Digital Transformation Professional to Establish Global Education DAO

IOST is pleased to announce a collaboration with Professor Emil Chan, a Fintech visionary and digital transformation professional. Together, they will create NextEduDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) dedicated to improving higher education “through innovation.” Their mission is “to establish a leading global education DAO… Read More

Web3: BitValue Capital Invests $10M in IOST to Enhance Web3, AI Integrations

Canadian Web3 investment firm BitValue Capital announces a strategic partnership with IOST through a USD 10 million long-term investment aimed at “enhancing IOST’s mainnet capabilities and supporting the continuous development of its ecosystem.” BitValue Capital will also “play an advisory role,” helping IOST with the… Read More

Digital Assets: Binance Custody Now Supports IOST

Binance Custody recently announced official support for deposits and withdrawals for IOST, “among other tokens.” With this, IOST joins the list of supported digital tokens in the secure, “regulated,” and insured custody service for the safekeeping of virtual assets services for institutional clients “provided by… Read More

Decentralized, High-Throughput, Gas Efficient IOST Platform Releases Mainnet Olympus v3.8.1

  As the crucial underlying infrastructure of a public chain ecosystem, the mainnet’s performance “determines its development,” the IOST team notes in an update. Since the mainnet launch, the IOST development team claims it has “maintained an innovative attitude and has released frequent updates and… Read More

NFTs: Japan’s Non Fungible Token Marketplace “tomonity” to Launch on IOST

Japanese web app developer Omochi has announced its pre-registration of “tomonity” NFT marketplace on the IOST blockchain. Tomonity’s “unique” benefits for its users reportedly include “free” transactions and a built-in wallet that “eliminates the pain of creating and importing a crypto wallet for new users.”… Read More

Decentralized, High-Throughput, Gas Efficient IOST Platform Shares Key Updates as They Plan for 2022

The team at IOST says that 2021 was a year of “highs and lows” for not only IOST but the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. They’ve noted that they’re thankful for IOSTIANS for staying with them through this “wild ride.” Now that they’ve got some… Read More

Decentralized, High-Throughput, Gas Efficient IOST Platform Reports Steady Growth and Adoption for 2021

The team at IOST recently released their Ecosystem Growth Report for H1 2021. As mentioned in an update, dated July 6, 2021, by the IOST team: “Amid the spike in interest, IOST continues to witness important partnerships and asserting our position as a leader in… Read More

Enterprise Grade Blockchain IOST Partners Moonstake to Support Crypto Staking of IOST Coin

IOST has teamed up with Moonstake in order to support staking functionality for IOST coin on Moonstake wallets. Moonstake began offering services in the staking business in 2020 with the goal to develop the biggest staking network in Asia. Since that time, Moonstake claims it… Read More

Blockchain Interoperability: IOST Partners Polkadot for Cross-Chain Tech Breakthrough, Testnet for Cross-Chain Bridge Completed

IOST has teamed up with Polkadot for a cross-chain interoperability “breakthrough” and successfully completed the testnet for its cross-chain bridge. With the rise of cross-chain (communicating between different blockchains) technology leader Polkadot in 2021, side-chain and cross-chain technologies are now a “must-have” for public or… Read More

“Ultra Fast” Blockchain Network IOST Connects Gravity Network to Support Cross-Chain Functionality

IOST, an “ultra-fast” and “decentralized” blockchain network based on the “next-generation consensus algorithm “Proof of Believability,” recently connected with the Gravity Network in order to support cross-chain functionality. As mentioned in a blog post by Waves Protocol developers: “As Gravity expands the list of its… Read More

IOST Blockchain Partners with Boomstarter Platform

The IOST Foundation has “completed an integration” with Eastern European rewards/donation platform Boomstarter, according to a note from the company. The goal is for the two entities to make $IOST a global fundraising currency to support entrepreneurs and builders in an international expansion plan spanning… Read More

Blockchain Startup IOST Announces Launch of Flagship DApp Partnership Program

IOST, a global enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure, announced on Wednesday the official launch of its Flagship DApp Partnership Program. IOST reported that under the program it will consult and work with organizations across a variety of industries, culminating in the design of “flagship” decentralized applications (DApps)… Read More

Fake Blockchain: Report Says EOS is not Really Blockchain but a “Distributed Homogeneous Database Management System” [u]

Last week, a report was circulating about EOS that slammed the ecosystem saying it was not even a true blockchain. There are other people in the blockchain world who would agree with at least some of the statements from the report. According to Whiteblock, the “world’s… Read More

Real World Use Cases of the Ethereum Blockchain Plateaued? IOST v1.0 Everest Supports JavaScript for “Mass Adoption”

Well-funded speedy blockchain IOST has launched the second release of its testnet to the public. IOST claims to have accomplished one of the highest transaction speeds in the blockchain industry as it seeks to provide an enterprise ready iteration of distributed ledger technology. IOST’s testnet… Read More

IOST Speedy Blockchain on Public Testnet

IOST, another enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure, has launched on the public Testnet. According to the company, Testnet v 0.5 (or “Everest”) acheives one of the highest transaction speeds per second across the industry. Terrence Wang, CTO of of IOST, said they have been working hard for the… Read More

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