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GoFundMe Reportedly Brings in $470M in 2014; Claims to Top Kickstarter

Kicking off the new year in the best way possible, San Diego-based GoFundMe revealed it raised over $156 million during its 2014 fourth quarter, which brings the total number of donations for the year to $470 million, making it the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. This news comes… Read More

Crowdfunding for Personal Causes Site GoFundMe CEO Up for Entrepreneur Award

GoFundMe CEO Brad Damphousse is in the running for Entrepreneur of 2013 which is sponsored by Entrepreneur Magazine.  Damphousse is one of 5 finalists up for the award in the “Established” entrepreneur category.  Winners will be featured in the forthcoming January edition of the magazine… Read More

How to permanently bootstrap your startup

Are would-be entrepreneurs letting the funding-equals-success myth stand between them and true success? Too many startup founders crave the validation of big-name investors and end up buying into the idea that getting venture capital somehow means their business has a better shot. I became an… Read More

The Sick Turn To Crowd Funding To Pay Medical Bills

Surely you’ve heard of crowd funding sites like Kickstarter that have helped thousands of filmmakers, musicians and painters leverage Facebook and Twitter to raise money for creative projects. But crowd funding isn’t just for hipsters anymore; it’s moving into all kinds of other spheres, from startups to research to… Read More

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