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Brookings Institution Says Crypto Firms Concentrating in “Superstar” Cities, Discusses Boom-Bust Market

The Brookings Institution, a middle-of-the-road Democrat think tank, has posted a review on crypto-based jobs and startup activity, noting that crypto startups are just as volatile as crypto in general. The report is predicated on the belief that local officials need to embrace tech innovation… Read More

Cash Usage Declined, Contactless Payments have Increased Considerably, According to Jodie Kelly from Electronic Transactions Association

The Coronavirus outbreak has led to a dramatic surge in demand for contactless payments options, which has accelerated the ongoing shift from cash transactions to safer digital payment methods. Jodie Kelley, CEO at Electronic Transactions Association, has noted that during the past 6 to 8… Read More

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey Says Bitcoin Falls Short in Payments but Stablecoins May be Useful

Andrew Bailey, the Governor of the Bank of England, spoke at the Brookings Institue in the US this week and he tackled a hot topic: cryptocurrencies. More specifically, Bailey spoke about the efficacy, or lack of, when using certain digital assets in payment transactions. Bailey… Read More

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