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“This Is Fine” Plush Dog Becomes Smashing Kickstarter Success: Captures Over $300,000 in One Week

Last week, cartoonist KC Green launched a Kickstarter campaign for “This is Fine” Plush Dog. The adorable stuffed animal is based on the almost too relateable comic/meme. Within just one week of its debut, the project smashed its initial $35,000 funding goal and is currently nearing… Read More

“This Modern World’s” Tom Tomorrow Launches Kickstarter For 25th Anniversary Book; Surpasses Goal in 21 Hours

Over the weekend, Tom Tomorrow, the creator of This Modern World, took to crowdfunding giant Kickstarter with a mission to raise $87,000 for the weekly cartoon’s 25th anniversary two-volume compilation. While chatting about his work over the years, Tomorrow stated: “I’m the creator of This Modern World, the weekly cartoon… Read More

Comedy Central Series “South Park” Pokes Fun at Crowdfunding & The Washington Redskins

In case you missed it last night, creators of the hit Comedy Central television show South Park decided to share their own views of the crowdfunding method during the latest episode, which was titled “Go Fund Yourself.” According to The Verge, the episode attacked crowdfunding giant Kickstarter, startup… Read More

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