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Blockchain Political Platform Coalichain ZUZ Token Crowdsale Is a Go

Coalichain, a decentralized political platform that connects citizens to their leaders and governments, has announced its ZUZ token crowdsale. Coalichain’s ICO pre-sale for the ZUZ token begins 28 February and will last until the crowdsale on 2 May. 1,770,000,000 ZUZ will be issued, and contributions… Read More

Crowdfunder UK Reveals How to Use Crowdfunding For Political Projects

Earlier this week, crowdfunding portal Crowdfunder UK offered up some advice to campaign organizers looking to raise funds for political projects. The platform shared: “We’ve already raised over £500,000 for hundreds of political crowdfunding projects. There are a few considerations when fundraising for political projects and we’ve worked… Read More

British Labour Party Politician Jeremy Corbyn Secures £100,000 During Crowdfunding Campaign

Jeremy Corbyn, a British Labour Party politician, recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £50,000 to grow his leadership bid popularity. Within only two weeks, the candidate successfully captured £100,000. According to the Telegraph, the firebrand MP’s campaign was announced on July 24th.  His team revealed they had already raised… Read More

“This Modern World’s” Tom Tomorrow Launches Kickstarter For 25th Anniversary Book; Surpasses Goal in 21 Hours

Over the weekend, Tom Tomorrow, the creator of This Modern World, took to crowdfunding giant Kickstarter with a mission to raise $87,000 for the weekly cartoon’s 25th anniversary two-volume compilation. While chatting about his work over the years, Tomorrow stated: “I’m the creator of This Modern World, the weekly cartoon… Read More

Comedian & Political Activist Russell Brand Announces His Support For Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Ready to join the newly defined “Crypto Revolution,” comedian and political activist Russell Brand recently declared his support for the cryptocurrency, bitcoin. According to Newsbtc, Brand, who has joined forced with StartJOIN so that he may attract more attention to crowdfunding and digital literacy programs, stated:… Read More

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