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Prohibition Club Owners Plan Next Houston Venture, Partner with Next Seed for Bravery Chef Hall Opening

If you enjoy watching chefs prep and cook delicious meals on tv, nothing beats seeing them work their magic live. There’s much to learn from experts, if nothing more than understanding what goes into each course and the difference between no Michelin stars and the… Read More

London-Based Moley Robotics Seeks £1M on Seedrs For New Chef Robots

This week, London-based Moley Robotics launched a Seedrs initiative to secure £1 million for its new chef robots, which can cook in a user’s kitchen at the touch of a button. The company stated it has created what it believes to be the world’s “first fully-automated… Read More

Supper Looks to Raise £400,000 on Seedrs For Chef Home-Cooked Delivery App

Supper, a mobile application platform, has recently launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs to secure £400,000 for its food delivery app. According to Supper, the app offers UK cooking professionals a convenient way to enjoy nutritious home-cooked food. London customers choose a chef and select an item… Read More

“Iron Man” Star Jon Favreau Lends A Hand to Fast Food Indiegogo Project; Announces Match Challenge (Video)

Helping a friend in need, filmmaker and actor Jon Favreau has announced his support for Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson’s new fast food restaurant Loco’l. According to ContactMusic, the cooking duo launched an Indiegogo campaign last month seeking funds for the Loco’l, which will “revolutionize” fast… Read More

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