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PENSCO Trust Launches Marketplace Network For Alternative Investing Needs of Individual Investors

Recognizing the growing interest among individual investors to hold alternative assets in their self-directed retirement accounts, but realizing the challenge in being able to locate and invest in private placements, PENSCO announced on Wednesday (August 6th) the launch of The PENSCO Marketplace, a considered first-of-its-kind… Read More

Crowdfunding 101: Q&A With CircleUp CEO Ryan Caldbeck

Venture capital firms don’t have much appetite for consumer-goods products in their portfolios.  . According to Dow Jones VentureSource, venture firms invested a mere $116.6 million in food and beverage companies in all of 2012. By contrast, they invested $738.4 million in media and content… Read More

Crowdfunding’s Perils, and how to avoid them

Everyone has an opinion on the crowdfunding industry these days: it’s the new thing; it’s over; it’s just getting started, it’s overheated; it’s the future of finance, it’s fundamentally flawed. The truth is that when it comes to investing in businesses and startups, the critics… Read More

Why crowdfunding is disruptive to angels, but not to VCs

Six months ago I called the Director of Business Development for a well-respected angel group in California and told him about my company, CircleUp, an equity-based crowdfunding platform that would allow his angels to invest into private companies.  He had no interest in talking, saying “our angels… Read More

Circle Up Founder: Crowdfunding helps create efficiency in the market

In an article on Forbes, Circle Up founder Ryan Caldbeck, reviews the cost of capital in different forms.  He articulates that debt financing has been hard to come by in past years.  Especially for smaller firms.  He furthers this by highlighting the caveats of personal… Read More

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