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Coinbase Announces Bitcoin Support on Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase announced on Tuesday it is now offering Bitcoin support on its Coinbase Wallet service. Coinbase reported that users may now store their Bitcoin directly in the Coinbase Wallet app, which already supports Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and more than 100,000 different ERC20 tokens, and ERC721 collectibles… Read More

Coinbase Debuts New OTC Trading Desk For Institutional Investors & Brings Ethereum Classic on Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase has officially launched its new OTC trading desk specifically for institutional investors, according to Cheddar. The launch comes just one month after Coinbase raised $300 million through its Series E funding round. While sharing details about the OTC trading desk, Christine Sandler, Head of Sales… Read More

Toshi No More: Ethereum Network Browser Renames to Coinbase Wallet

Crypto marketplace Coinbase announced on Wednesday Ethereum network browser Toshi is becoming Coinbase Wallet. Toshi was notably developed by the Coinbase team just a little over a  year ago and when it launched, Toshi featured what Coinbase claims to be the world’s first mobile decentralized application (dapp) browser…. Read More

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