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Treasury’s Proposed “Broker” Rules Expand Surveillance, Well Beyond a “Third Party Doctrine,” According to Coin Center

The US Treasury’s proposed ‘broker’ rules expand surveillance “well beyond a ‘third party doctrine’ that’s already stretched thin,” according to the team at Coin Center, a crypto policy think tank. Peter Van Valkenburgh, Director of Research at CoinCenter, Board Member at the Zcash Foundation, notes… Read More

New Infrastructure Bill Amendment Regarding Crypto Bridges Divide, Gains Support of Coincenter

A new amendment has been crafted by both sides regarding crypto and inclusion in the infrastructure legislation. As has been reported previously, the initial language in the legislation was deemed “unworkable” and hammered by the digital asset industry as “disastrous.” Soon a fix was in… Read More

Coin Center Reminds that Deadline for Comments on FinCEN Rulemaking for Crypto Transactions Is End of March 2021

Peter Van Valkenburgh, the Director of Research at Coin Center, a leading non-profit entity focused on the latest policy issues facing digital currencies, notes that his organization will be using the additional time provided by FinCEN to submit another comment in “ongoing surveillance rulemaking.” Coin… Read More

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