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DLT, Web3: NEAR Selects Wormhole as Bridge, Launches Cross-Chain Communication with Ethereum

Wormhole Foundation announced that Wormhole has been selected as the next official bridge for NEAR. Wormhole will launch the first trustless NEAR <> ETH corridor powered by Zero Knowledge (ZK) Proofs. This corridor will enable all major NEAR assets “to be seamlessly bridged to the… Read More

Elliptic: $540 Million Laundered by Cross Chain Bridge RenBridge

Elliptic, a crypto intelligence firm, has published an interesting blog post on the use, or abuse of, cross-chain bridges to launder funds. A cross-chain bridge allows value to hop to different blockchains. While utilized by legitimate platforms, cross-chain bridges have also caught the attention of… Read More

Deeper Network Launches Mainnet

Deeper Network launched its mainnet on Aug. 28, the next step for a decentralized infrastructure it hopes will lay the foundation for Web3.0. The mainnet launch will allow users to access an Internet that combines blockchain network security and the sharing economy. It coincides with… Read More

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