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In China, ‘Finding The Right Balance Between Financial Reform And Risk Prevention Will Be One Of The Most Important Issues Of Our Time’

  “Finding the right balance between financial reform and risk prevention will be one of the most important issues of our time,” writes Ruizhe Zhang of Dagong Global Credit Rating Co Ltd, in a recent China Daily op-ed on ECNS. Following the release of Internet finance guidelines… Read More

Is China Going Through a Peer to Peer Lending Crisis?

According to Guan Jianzhong of Dagong Global, a company that monitors and rates peer to peer lending platforms, of the 1,587 p2p platforms it observes, 393 have been blacklisted and an additional 668 were given risk warnings – a staggering percentage of active peer lenders in… Read More

Lufax Has Sold Shares Worth Over $400 Million to Foreign Investors

Peer to peer lending platform Lufax has sold equity in the company valued at  3 billion yuan or approximately USD 483 million.  This is according to a report in China News that quoted Lufax Chairman Gregory Gibb on the transaction.  The private placement was said… Read More

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