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Strategic Consultant to US Senate: Crypto Miners and Issuers Should Abide by Bank Secrecy Act

Secret Secrecy Hidden Concealed

The vice-president of the Financial Integrity Network, a strategic advisory firm to governments, global and regional banks and other institutions, has advised that all entities in the cryptocurrency production and distribution chain be brought under the auspices of the Bank Secrecy Act. According to Search… Read More

Senators Warned About Threat to US Elections Posed by Shell Corps and Virtual Currencies

Senator Whitehouse

Three experts told the US Senate Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism Tuesday that shell companies currencies now pose a “significant” threat and virtual currencies and “emerging” threat to the integrity of political processes in the US. This was the 8th hearing on election interference held… Read More

Australia Financial System Inquiry Issues Final Report

Australia Currency Crowdfunding Quote

The Financial System Inquiry issued their final report earlier today.  The extended document has set out to establish a direction for the future of Australia’s financial system.  Not a small task. Expectations are the below document is a “blueprint” for the financial system down under…. Read More

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