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AltFi Lists Equity Crowdfunding Offer on Crowdcube

AltFi, an alternative finance news site/events organizer and data provider, has listed an offer on Crowdcube to sell 7.69% equity stake in the firm for £250,000.  AltFi holds a 30% stake in its sister company AltFi data which periodically publishes reports on alternative finance …. Read More

Online Lending at AltFi: A New Phase for a Growing Industry

  When I realized the 2016 AltFi Conference was at the posh Pierre Hotel on the corner of Central Park, it immediately gave me pause. I remembered 2007 and 2008 when certain mortgage-backed security investment conferences were held at such addresses. Also, is the storied… Read More

Crowdfunding Losing its Crowd? Money&Co CEO Nicola Horlick Promises, “We Will Keep the Crowd.”

Interest in crowdfunding from banks and other noteworthy investors including some family offices has steadily increased in recent months, so much that Money&Co blogged, “It’s often said that crowdfunding is in danger of losing the crowd.” Could crowdfunding lose its crowd? How does the industry… Read More

Financial Disruptors Index Launched by Liberum & AltFi Data

Index is called the Liberum AltFi Financial Disruptors Index (LAFDI). According to a public statement, UK based investment bank Liberum and research firm AltFi Data have launched the first equity index tracking the world’s leading financial services’ disruptors.  The new index launches just as industry… Read More

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