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Update: Nicola Horlick Invested £250,000 into Seedrs funded Glentham Capital thus Dodging Legal Action

Last we revisited the Glentham Capital saga, reports were being circulated that the Seedrs funded project had reached an agreement with CEO Jeff Lynn. This came following a statement in the Times that Seedrs had threatened to sue founder Nicola Horlick on behalf of the… Read More

Slow to Start, Glentham Capital May Have Help Around the Corner [u]

Glentham Capital, created by Nicola Horlick – a renowned investment manager, film producer and CEO of Money&Co., raised funding on Seedrs three times. Beginning in 2013, an offer was posted seeking £150,000 for a fund  that would provide finance for Hollywood films. In 2014, “due to high… Read More

Nicola Horlick’s P2P Lender Money&Co. Receives Chinese Investment

Money&Co., a peer to peer lender targeting small businesses, has signed an agreement to receive investment capital from the Chinese Overseas Consortium Development Company.  According to information provided by the P2P lender, this is the third funding round and values the company at over £20… Read More

Luke Davis of IW Capital: EIS Has Been a Significant Growth Engine, Putting the UK Economy Back on Track

IW Capital is a private equity firm that seeks to invest in promising early stage companies while taking advantage of the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) tax exemption. The EIS (along with the Seed Investment Enterprise Scheme) mitigates a certain amount of investment risk and has… Read More

Nicola Horlick: A Road Less Traveled in Finance

Thirty-two years after starting her career in London, Nicola Horlick is still often the only woman in the room. Although she notes that is not a lot of progress, it has never fazed her. Nicola, once called London’s Superwoman, attributes her can-do attitude to a… Read More

Crowdfunding Losing its Crowd? Money&Co CEO Nicola Horlick Promises, “We Will Keep the Crowd.”

Interest in crowdfunding from banks and other noteworthy investors including some family offices has steadily increased in recent months, so much that Money&Co blogged, “It’s often said that crowdfunding is in danger of losing the crowd.” Could crowdfunding lose its crowd? How does the industry… Read More

Money&Co. Said to Set First Year Record on Pure P2P Lending

Young peer to peer lending platform, Money&Co., founded by City Super Woman Nicola Horlick, believes it has set a record of sorts.  The direct lender was launched in the spring of 2014 and to date has facilitated about £6 million in loans. According to Money&Co.;… Read More

United We Conquer: Alternative Business Funding Provides Single Platform to Match SMEs to Sources of Capital

Alternative Business Funding (ABF) has a growing portfolio of members each with a service to provide access to capital for SMEs. The internet finance providers range from debt to equity, short to long term loans, and more.  The list of collaborators is a who’s who… Read More

Crowdfunding London Event Scheduled for Next Week

A one day summit has been scheduled to take place in London to “demystify” the new financial sector.  The event is a primer for individuals that have money to invest and experienced professionals & advisors who want to learn more about the investment crowdfunding space…. Read More

Nicola Horlick “City Superwoman” Shares Insight into Peer Lending & Crowdfunding

Nicola Horlick is a well known name in the halls of finance in the United Kingdom.  Nicola captured the title of City “Superwoman” as she balanced on the high wire act of an elite career in finance while simultaneously raising six children. After starting at… Read More

Nicola Horlick’s Glentham Capital Raises Equity on Seedrs for Major Expansion

Boosts Equity Crowdfunding Offer – Raising £450,000 on Seedrs. Nicola Horlick, one of the UK’s most well known and highly regarded fund manager, has announced that her new fund management firm, Glentham Capital, is increasing the target for its core film finance fund from $100… Read More

Crowdfunding Innovators Gather in Scotland

Crowdfunding innovators are gathering today in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Innovation Foundation event to share their insight into how Scotland may maximize the potential of this new form of finance.  Crowdfunding is booming in the UK and around the world.  In 2013 over £200 million… Read More

Money&Co P2B Site by Nicola Horlick to Launch this Week

Announced late last year, Peer to Business(P2B) crowdfunding platform Money&Co is prepping to launch this week in the United Kingdom.  The site is founded by prominent business woman Nicola Horlick who has put together a team of managers that includes Luke Davis and Robin Wight…. Read More

City Superwoman Nicola Horlick Now Crowdfunding London Restaurant

Nicola Horlick is back on Seedrs again but this time she is crowdfunding a London Restaurant – Times Place Brasserie. This follows her first go at crowdfunding on Seedrs where she funded her startup, Glentham Capital, an off shore company which was set up to… Read More

Nicola Horlick To Enter P2P Finance Space With Money&Co

British investment fund manager Nicola Horlick is planning to launch a lending-based crowdfunding portal in the UK market. Called Money&Co, the company aims to take on stalwart UK crowdfunding platforms like Crowdcube and Seedrs for a share of the growing crowdfinance market. Yes, Crowdcube and… Read More

Glentham Capital Fund Management Company Crowdfunds with Seedrs, Will Create Fund for Films

Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Launched on Seedrs by Renowned Fund Managager Nicola Horlick.  Seeks £150,000 for 10% Equity in New Venture. Nicola Horlick, one of Britain’s most successful and well-regarded fund managers, has launched a campaign on equity crowdfunding site Seedrs to raise seed capital for… Read More

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