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Kickstarter Releases 2014’s Transparency Report

On Wednesday, popular reward-based crowdfunding platform Kickstarter unveiled its Transparency Report 2014 that shared details about the year’s trademark claims, DMCA requirements, and government and law enforcement requests. The platform shared: “Kickstarter’s mission is to help bring creative projects to life. As part of that mission, we work… Read More

Group Of Advocates Crowdfunding Bounty For First To Jailbreak iOS7

Jailbreaking a smartphone like the iPhone gives the end user root access to the device, allowing them to bypass limitations set in place by Apple. For example, normal iPhone users can only install apps from Apple’s App Store. Jailbreaking an iPhone allows the user to… Read More

HarperCollins Files DMCA Notice, Kickstarter Pulls ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Sequel

HarperCollins, who publishes Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are, has filed a notice under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. That has forced Kickstarter to pull a project that aimed to bring an unlicensed sequel of the book to backers. Geoffery O. Todd and Rich Berner had… Read More

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