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Don Cheadle Discusses the Creation of Indiegogo Project “Miles Ahead”

Following the premiere of Miles Ahead in New York City and Los Angeles, actor and director Don Cheadle chatted with Vice about the Indiegogo project’s creation and his appreciation for the musician Miles Davis. Academy-Award nominated actor launched a campaign on the global crowdfunding platform for the… Read More

Actor/Director Don Cheadle Shares Details About Indiegogo Success “Miles Ahead” (Video)

With his Indiegogo success film Miles Ahead hitting selected theaters  in New York City and Los Angeles today, Don Cheadle headed to the Today Show in New York City to share details about the biopic. Miles Ahead captured a grand total of $344,582, which went towards the production… Read More

Actor Don Cheadle to Appear at the Cincinnati Premiere of Indiegogo Success “Miles Ahead”

This evening, actor Don Cheadle will be heading to Cincinnati, Ohio premiere of his Indiegogo project, Miles Ahead. The film was reportedly filmed in the city in 2014 and tonight’s even will be taking place at Esquire Theatre in Clifton. Academy-Award nominated actor launched a campaign on the… Read More

Don Cheadle Opens Up About His Role As Miles Davis in Indiegogo Success “Miles Ahead”

With Indiegogo success Miles Ahead set to hit theaters this spring, actor Don Cheadle sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss his role as Miles Davis. While discussing his history with Miles Davis’ music, Cheadle stated: “He was someone that my parents listened to. The music… Read More

Brief: Indiegogo Film “Miles Ahead” Set to Hit Theaters Next Spring

Earlier this week, the creators of the Indiegogo-success film, Miles Ahead, announced that it will be hitting theaters on April 1, 2016. This news comes just one month after its premiere at the 53rd annual New York Film Festival. Academy-Award nominated actor Don Cheadle launched a… Read More

Indiegogo Success “Miles Ahead” Premieres At the 53rd New York Film Festival

Over the weekend, The New York Film Festival ended on a high note with the premiere of Indiegogo success, Miles Ahead.  As previously reported, Academy-Award nominated actor Don Cheadle launched a campaign on the global crowdfunding platform for the featured film, which focus on a few day days… Read More

Don Cheadle’s “Miles Ahead” Film Surpasses $325,000 Goal on Indiegogo

Just a few hours before the closing of its Indiegogo campaign, Don Cheadle’s “Miles Ahead”  reached its goal of raising $325,000 with the support of over 2,000 backers. As previously reported, the “Iron Man 3” star decided to launch the crowdfunding campaign for the feature film… Read More

Actor Don Cheadle Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Miles Davis Film

Ready to bring one of the biggest musicians in the 20th century back in to the spotlight, Academy-Award nominated actor Don Cheadle, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for his new Miles Davis film, “Miles Ahead.” The goal is to raise $325k for additional production funds,… Read More

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