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C14, a Digital Asset Firm Enabling Fiat to Crypto Transfers, Has Raised $2.5 Million led by General Catalyst

C14, a “next-generation” payments and transfers service for digital assets, has raised $2.5 million in a funding round led by General Catalyst. According to an email from a representative, the funding will enable the company to continue to build out new payment rails as well… Read More

Wyre, Stellar Integration to Improve Digital Asset Access for Brazil, Argentina

Cryptocurrency infrastructure provider Wyre has integrated with the Stellar network to effectively onboard local Brazilian and Argentinian currencies into digital assets. Through the integration, Wyre is growing functionality in Latin America and allowing developers and businesses looking to leverage cryptocurrency transactions to expand into new… Read More

Blockchain Developers May Now Use Wyre’s API Tools to Build dApps on Algorand

If you’re a blockchain developer or brand building your application on the Algorand blockchain, then you may be interested in knowing that Wyre’s integration with Algorand is now live. As mentioned in the announcement, this means that application developers on the Algorand blockchain are able… Read More

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