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Ethereum 2024 Roadmap to Focus on Scalability While Addressing Centralization Concerns – Report

Marco Manoppo, the Research Director at Digital Asset Research, notes that Vitalik Buterin had revealed the Ethereum 2024 roadmap highlighting key priorities. As noted in a post by Manoppo, it has 6 core elements: the Merge, Surge, Scourge, Verge, Purge, and Splurge. As mentioned in… Read More

Ethereum L2 Blockchain, Web3 Networks: Biconomy Brings Account Abstraction for Builders on Mantle

Mantle, the “high-performance,” modular Ethereum Layer-2 network, announced the first of many ecosystem partners ahead of its impending mainnet launch in Q2 2023. Biconomy, a web3 developer and transaction infrastructure platform, is “the latest project to join the Mantle ecosystem and will be the first… Read More

Telos, one of the Most Active Blockchains, Launches Ethereum Virtual Machine Testnet on an EOSIO Blockchain

Telos, one of the “most active” blockchain platforms (according to Blocktivity), has launched an Ethereum Virtual Machine on an EOSIO blockchain. As noted in a release shared with CI: “With the launch of Telos EVM now in testnet, developers can use Solidity (programming language) to… Read More

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