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LeadBlock Bitpanda Ventures Teams Up with Ethereum Blockchain focused Mantle

LeadBlock Bitpanda Ventures (LBV), a €50 million EU investment fund, and Mantle, a burgeoning on-chain ecosystem built around the high-performance modular Ethereum layer-2 (L2) scaling solution Mantle Network and Ether liquid staking protocol Mantle LSP, have announced a strategic collaboration for Europe. The partnership comes… Read More

Blockchain Adoption: Nansen and Mantle to Provide Insights into Their Ecosystem

Nansen has recently announced a new partnership with Mantle in order to deliver key insights into their ecosystem. In a blog post, Nansen confirmed their latest collaboration with Mantle Network, to deliver informative insights into the Mantle Ecosystem. Nansen said they are pleased to unveil… Read More

Bybit’s Revamped Launchpad Gives Priority Access to New Crypto Projects

Bybit, a marketplace that claims to be “the world’s third most visited crypto exchange” (currently, Kraken is #3 with Bybit in 5th), has announced a revamped version of its launchpad, offering early investors the opportunity to purchase new projects at favorable prices. The Bybit Launchpad… Read More

Arjun Kalsy: Head of Ecosystem at Mantle Network Explains How Blockchain Scalability Challenges May be Addressed

Decentralization theatre: We’ve heard it time and time again in recent months as several projects have struggled to commit to the underlying ideological tenets of blockchain amid growing skepticism of the space. Others have fared relatively well, though — from the community-initiated vote for the… Read More

Ethereum L2 Network Mantle Partners with Ankr Ahead of Mainnet Launch in Q2 2023

Mantle, a high-performance, modular Ethereum layer-2 network, has announced a partnership with Ankr ahead of its upcoming mainnet launch in Q2 2023. Ankr, a web3 development hub and node infrastructure provider, is “the latest partner to join the Mantle ecosystem, and will be the first… Read More

Ethereum L2 Blockchain, Web3 Networks: Biconomy Brings Account Abstraction for Builders on Mantle

Mantle, the “high-performance,” modular Ethereum Layer-2 network, announced the first of many ecosystem partners ahead of its impending mainnet launch in Q2 2023. Biconomy, a web3 developer and transaction infrastructure platform, is “the latest project to join the Mantle ecosystem and will be the first… Read More

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