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Financial Technology Association Creates Advisory Board, Adds Top Fintech Experts to Guide Strategy

The Financial Technology Association (FTA) announces the formation of an advisory board. The new board will help guide the nascent group’s mission to proactively guide regulation and policy in the booming Fintech sector. Founded in March, the FTA has moved quickly to boost its ranks… Read More

As Fintech Industry Matures, the Need for Policy Advocacy Grows: OLPI and MPL Merge to Form American Fintech Council

Financial technology or Fintech has been growing at a rapid pace for years now. Starting with online capital formation, today a growing number of sophisticated financial services are going through a much-needed. digital transformation. This can mean better/cheaper access to services for more consumers and… Read More

The Financial Technology Association Launches Backed By Big Names, Seeks to Advocate on Behalf of Fintech

A new trade group has been launched to advocate on behalf of the Fintech industry. Today, the Financial Technology Association (FTA), is hoping to educate stakeholders and support the modernization of financial regulation. Founding members of the group are Afterpay, Betterment, Brex, Carta, Figure, Marqeta,… Read More

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