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Very Good Security Teams Up with Plaid to Improve Data Security for the Digital Finance Sector

Very Good Security (VGS), a firm focused on protecting sensitive data, enabling innovation while ensuring security and privacy, announced an extended partnership with Plaid, a data network that powers the tools “millions of people” rely on to “live healthier financial lives.” VGS will be “a… Read More

Fintech Current Introduces Platform API, Teams Up with Plaid to Deliver Open Finance Solutions

Current, a U.S. financial technology platform serving Americans working to “create a better future” for themselves, recently announced the launch of its platform API, “built to facilitate seamless integrations and embedded banking experiences.” Plaid, the API-first data network powering the digital financial ecosystem, is reportedly… Read More

Welcome to the Fintech Party: Snark Emerges Between Plaid and Stripe

This past week, Stripe announced an open banking (or open finance) initiative with Stripe Financial Connections. Stripe laid out its plans explaining they were “enabling businesses to establish direct connections with their customers’ bank accounts that power a wide range of financial processes.” This is… Read More

Fintech Plaid Adds Partners to Payment Partner Ecosystem to Enable the Digital Commerce in Europe

Plaid, an international open finance data network and payments platform, is announcing an expansion of its Payment Partner Ecosystem in order to include three European partnerships – Primer, UniPaas and NoFrixion. As a result, more vendors and merchants can “leverage open banking in order to… Read More

Skyflow Teams Up with Plaid to Help Fintechs “Prioritize” Privacy, Global Data Protection

Skyflow recently announced a partnership with Plaid, a data network that powers the tools millions of people “rely on to live healthier financial lives.” The partnership will make it easier for developers “to build applications with data privacy infrastructure via a simple API.” This brings… Read More

Plaid Co-founder Buys Small California Bank, Renames it Column, Pursues Fintech Update

Former Plaid President and co-founder William Hockey, along with his wife Annie, have purchased a small Californian bank – becoming co-CEOs of the financial institution. Plaid is a leading open banking provider that is helping banks and Fintechs to modernize services by connecting dispersed firms… Read More

Fintech Plaid Hires Head of Europe to Address Increasing Demand Across Continent

Plaid, the Open Finance data network and payments platform, has appointed Ripsy Bandourian as its first Head of Europe as it “continues to rapidly expand across the continent.” Based in Amsterdam, Ripsy will lead the business strategy and operations “for Plaid’s Europe arm as it… Read More

JOBS Act 4.0: What Are Some of the Recommendations to Boost Entrepreneurship, Access to Capital?

  Last week, on the anniversary of the JOBS Act of 2012, Republican members of the Senate Banking Committee pitched a new legislative initiative to support entrepreneurship, access to capital, and helping retail investors. The JOBS Act of 2012 legalized online capital formation. The JOBS… Read More

UK CMA Outlines Next Steps for Open Banking Mission

  The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has issued a statement outlining its recommendations regarding the pursuit of Open Banking. The statement follows a consultation that was initiated in the spring of 2021. The CMA said its recommendations will guide a future entity that… Read More

Green Dot and Plaid to Give Clients Convenient Access to their Funds via Open Finance Solutions

Green Dot Corporation (NYSE: GDOT) recently announced that it is teaming up with Plaid, the data network supporting the digital financial ecosystem, in order to bring “secure open finance solutions to GO2bank customers.” Introduced last year, GO2bank is Green Dot’s “flagship” digital bank designed to… Read More

Frost Bank Teams Up with Fintech Plaid to Bring Open Finance Solutions to Almost 400,000 Clients

Frost Bank, which is one of the largest banks based in Texas, has partnered with Plaid, a data network powering the digital financial ecosystem, in order to help Frost clients “securely and easily integrate their accounts and finances online.” Via its mobile app and online… Read More

Financial Health Network: Average Q4 Account Balance Drained By $1,500, 2x 2020 Rate

The Financial Health Network this week released Financial Health Pulse Points data from Q4 2021. The analysis shows sample account balances declined by an average of $1,500 over the fourth quarter, double the $750 recorded in the same quarter of 2020. Average fourth quarter account balances… Read More

Marqeta Partners with Plaid on ACH Transfers

Marqeta (NASDAQ: MQ) and Plaid have formed a partnership, according to a corporate statement. Marqueta will be leveraging Plaids’ bank account information to streamline the ACH process. Marqeta is the biggest name in modern card issuance and management and Plaid is a leader in the… Read More

Part of the Jacksonville Fintech Scene, Bee Leverages Blockchain to Streamline Home Borrowing Process

  As CI has recently covered, Jacksonville, Florida is an emerging Fintech hub in the US. While Florida has boomed in the past couple of years due to its good governance and business/startup-friendly policies, Jacksonville has managed to attract a good number of financial services… Read More

Plaid Buys ID Verification Firm Cognito

Plaid has acquired Cognito, a firm that provides ID verification including anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) services. Plaid has emerged as a key open banking platform connecting top Fintech and traditional financial services firms around the world. Plaid said that Cognito was… Read More

Three Major Trends for Fintech in Europe in 2022: Plaid

Plaid, a leading open banking platform, has published a blog post that reflects on 2021 while providing some insight into their expectation for 2022. Authored by Keith Grose, GM of International at Plaid in London, explained that Fintech’s disruptive capacity is far beyond financial services…. Read More

Fintech Plaid Obtains ISO27001 and ISO27701 Certifications

Fintech Plaid has been established on the principle that consumers need to be in control over where and how they share their financial details. Core or central to this principle is the customer’s ability to share their data in a secure manner and with the… Read More

Hummingbird Regtech Welcomes $30M Series B, Plans to Grow Staff, Product Line

Hummingbird Regtech, a provider of risk and compliance technology, this week announced the company has raised $30 million in Series B funding. The raise brings the total venture backed funding total to $41.8 million, and follows Hummingbird’s $8.2 million Series A in 2020. This new… Read More

Digital Asset Platform Kraken Completes Integration with Plaid so European Clients Can Fund Accounts Faster

Digital assets firm Kraken notes that in the fast-paced world of virtual currencies, every second counts when you’re moving funds around. Kraken writes in a blog post that establishing the bridges that enable seamless transactions from legacy banking platforms to the “ever-growing” number of blockchain… Read More

Plaid Reports Onboarding Many More Financial Services Companies as Fintech Adoption Surges

When Fintech Plaid first started offering services, they had been mainly focused on connecting with traditional institutions in the jurisdictions they had established businesses. These strategic connections enabled consumers to easily find and link their institution to the Fintech apps and services they required, the… Read More

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