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FinFair 2015 (Photo Gallery)

FinFair 2015 took place in Manhattan on July 29th. The event was a combination of old school finance and FinTech entrepreneurs – the disruptive types who are quickly changing the world of finance. According to event organizer Dara Albright, “Wall Street is about to discover the… Read More

FinFair to Discuss the Future of Finance in NYC

FinFair, a crowd-centric conference that aims to bring together Wall Street legends with FinTech innovators, will take place in Manhattan on July 29th.  The finance industry is going through a period of dramatic change as technology is altering all aspects of capital formation. FinFair wants… Read More

FinFair Set to Discuss Disruptive Finance on Wall Street

FinFair 2015 will be a gathering that discusses the leadership, products and technologies driving the crowd-centric retail alternatives market.  The event is viewed as forum for  is pleased to officially announce one of the most groundbreaking FinTech and alternative finance programs to penetrate Wall Street. Crowd-centric… Read More

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