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New Fractionalized Art Investment Platform Freeport Plans Launch with Warhol Prints

Freeport, an online investment marketplace for tokenized art, says the Securities and Exchange Commission has completed the review of its offering documents, and it anticipates qualification soon. Freeport will be leveraging the Reg A+ securities exemption to offer investors to participate in art investment. Freeport… Read More

Expectations for Investment Crowdfunding in 2023

Last month, CI hosted a webinar to review the securities crowdfunding market of 2022 as well as expectations for 2023. While the consensus of the group was that online capital formation softened in the waning months of 2022, panelists participating in the webinar were more… Read More

Republic Realm Metaverse Real Estate Offering Returns Funds: Report [u]

Republic’s Realm Metaverse Real Estate Offering has returned all investor funds according to the offering page. Republic is one of the largest securities crowdfunding platforms in the US that also operates a growing global presence providing online capital formation. The possible securities offering was for… Read More

Real Estate Platform Groundfloor Tops $1 Billion in Investments

Groundfloor, a real estate investment platform, has topped $1 billion in total investment, according to a note from the firm. Groundfloor was launched in 2013 by co-founders Brian Dally and Nick Bhargava. The platform leverages Reg A+ (Tier 1), as well as the Invest Georgia… Read More

Investment Crowdfunding: Reg A+ and Reg D Data

CI recently published an update on Reg CF [Regulation Crowdfunding], an exemption that allows a business to raise up to $5 million in an online securities offering. Investors may be non-accredited or accredited. While the legislation creating Reg CF was signed into law in 2012,… Read More

Fundrise Looks to Raise More Money in $20 Million Reg A+ Offering

Fundrise, a real estate investment platform that recently entered the early-stage investment sector, has filed to raise $19.7 million in a sale of Class B Common shares. Fundrise has raised growth capital for itself in the past using the Reg A+ securities exemption. The $19.7… Read More

StartEngine Reports Raising $33.9 Million in Q4, Topping Competitors

StartEngine, a leading US-based investment crowdfunding platform, is reporting that it raised $33.9 million during Q4 2022 under the Reg A+ (Regulation A) and Reg CF (Regulation Crowdfunding) exemptions. StartEngine added that this surpassed its two largest competitors. According to StartEngine, Wefunder raised $23.9 million,… Read More

Reg A+ Issuer Oi2Go Media Technologies and CEO Hit with Offering Fraud Charges by SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged Oi2Go Media Technologies and its CEO Anthony Michael Hernandez with conducting offering fraud. According to the SEC, Hernandez raised about $1.317 million from around 750 investors in a Reg A+ offering, which took place in 2018. Under… Read More

Learn About Crowdfunding Using Reg A+ : Virtual

Are you interested in raising up to $75 Million in an online securities offering? Reg A+ (Regulation A) is a securities exemption that received an update under the JOBS Act of 2012. In 2021, the Securities and Exchange Commission improved the exemption even more. Today,… Read More

Exodus Movement: First Company to Raise $75 Million Under Reg A+, Schedules Earnings Call for November

Exodus Movement (tZERO: EXOD, Securitize Markets: EXOD), the first company to reach the funding cap under Reg A+ – raising $75 million, has scheduled its earnings call for November 9 at 330PM ET. Exodus, a firm that trades a digital security, raised capital from over… Read More

Legion M Returns to Crowdfunding for 9th Time, Lists Reg A+ Securities Offering on StartEngine

Legion M, a media company that aims to have one million investors. has returned to crowdfunding for the 9th time, according to a statement from the company. Legion M has listed a Reg A+ securities offering on StartEngine seeking to raise up to $20.7 million… Read More

StartEngine Claims Top Spot in Q3 for Reg CF, Reg A+ Offerings Combined

StartEngine, a full-stack securities crowdfunding platform, has circulated an email reporting that it has raised more than any other platform under Reg CF and Reg A+ during the third quarter of 2022. Reg CF (Regulation Crowdfunding) is a securities exemption that allows companies to raise… Read More

After Raising $35 Million Under Reg CF and Reg A+, Atlis Motor Vehicles Trades on Nasdaq, Creates Gains for Early Investors

  Atlis Motor Vehicles, an EV company, listed its shares on the Nasdaq this week trading under the ticker symbol AMV.  One of the most interesting aspects of the initial public offering (IPO) is the fact that Atlis first raised capital under Reg CF as well… Read More

SEC Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee Tells Commission to Make it Easier to Trade Reg A+ Securities

Several weeks back, the SEC Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee (SBCFAC) met and discussed secondary transactions for securities issued under Regulation A (Reg A+) as well as Reg CF. Private securities must adhere to various rules for investors to sell a holding creating hurdles… Read More

Perspective: Recent Publicly Listed Companies Lose Value as Private Securities Start to Unlock Secondary Trading for a $7 Trillion Private Market

Just 14 of the last 97 recently launched IPOs saw a share price improvement between their first-day trading price and the end of August 2022. The remaining 83 suffered a decrease, according to data published by IPOScoop. The figures could indicate the real growth potential… Read More

Etan Butler of Dalmore Group Discusses Crowdfunding Under Reg A+, Reg CF

Dalmore Group is a regulated broker-dealer that is very active in the securities crowdfunding sector, helping firms raise money using Reg A+ (Regulation A), Reg CF, as well as Reg D. Dalmore not only enables funding via exempt securities offerings but it also provides secondary… Read More

After Completing Reg A+, Boxabl Transitions to Reg CF Offering – Quickly Hits $3.6 Million Funding Cap

Boxabl, a pre-fab, modular housing concept that has generated some solid traction on the market, closed its Reg A+ securities offering on StartEngine last Friday. The offering was simultaneously listed on Republic. According to the Reg CF offering page, Boxabl closed at over $24 million… Read More

Boxabl Over $23.4 Million on StartEngine, Nears $1 Million on Republic as Securities Offering Nears End

Cross-listed securities offering for Boxabl is nearing its end with three days left in the equity sale (scheduled to close the Friday, August 26). As it stands today, Boxabl is just under $1 million on Republic and over $23.4 million on StartEngine. The company previously… Read More

Boxabl Now Above $18 Million on StartEngine

Modular house creator Boxabl continues to push higher in its securities offering on StartEngine. According to an email from StartEngine, Boxabl raised over one million dollars last week and is currently over $18 million. As of this writing, Boxabl has raised $18.5 million from over… Read More

As Originally Drafted, Reg A+ and Reg CF Got it Wrong: SEC Commissioner Peirce

Last week during the meeting of the SEC Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee (SBCFAC), members voted to support improvements to secondary trading of crowdfunded securities – more specifically, to exempt state laws when it comes to the trading of securities under Tier 2 of… Read More

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