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Capital Ideas With Omi Bell of Black Girl Ventures On Empowering Underrepresented Entrepreneurs

On the latest episode of Capital Ideas, an interview series hosted by Nick Morgan and Dara Albright of Investor Choice Advocates Network (ICAN), Omi Bell, the CEO of Black Girl Ventures, shed light on the critical challenges faced by black and brown female entrepreneurs in… Read More

Reg A+: Worthy Announces New Property Bond for Investors to “Meet Demand”

Worthy Financial, Inc., has announced another securities offering in the form of a property bond that generates a 5.5% fixed return for investors. The security is issued under the Reg A+ exemption and is available for retail investors. The offering document must be qualified by… Read More

Worthy Property Bonds Increase Rates Paid to Investors

Worthy Financial, an investment platform that offers securities under Reg A+, says that it has increased the yield on its bonds to 5.5% or 5.65% as of April 1, 2023. The company offers  Worthy Property Bonds, an SEC-qualified real-estate-backed debt product that is available to… Read More

Worthy Financial, Opens New Office, Announces New Real Estate Debt Product Available for Retail Investors

Worthy Financial has announced a new office in Alpharetta, Georgia. At the same time, the company as announced a new offering, Worthy Property Bonds, an SEC-qualified real-estate-backed debt product.   Sally Outlaw, CEO of Worthy Financial, said that Worthy remains steadfast in its commitment to… Read More

Why Are Small Cap IPOs Under Attack?

On Friday, August 18, 2017, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSSE) made IPO history by becoming the world’s largest Reg A+ IPO, raising $30M at a pre-money valuation of $120M, and the first Reg A+ to trade on the Nasdaq Global Market, Nasdaq’s… Read More

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment: Poised to Inspire the Next IPO Boom

It was the summer of 1995. Hootie and the Blowfish were on tour and Brad Pitt was People Magazine’s sexiest man alive. It was a time when salads were big and shirts were puffy. Microsoft released Windows 95, fueling a revolution that helped shape the… Read More

Dara Albright Launches Fintech Video Channel

Dara Albright, a long-time proponent of alternative finance and founder of Albright Media, has announced the launching of a new video channel covering the evolving financial technology sector.FinTechREVOLUTION.tv is described as featuring the leadership and technologies that are shaping the future of personal finance. The… Read More

Brief: Dara Albright Media Announces FinTech Event Series

Dara Albright Media announced on Thursday the launch of its new Fintech event series, which will reportedly focus on how investors of all sizes, businesses in all stages of growth, and financial services providers of all echelons stand to benefit from today’s fintech industry. The company… Read More

The Fix Crowdfunding Act Can Help Reverse America’s Wealth Gap

Embedded below is another comment letter regarding a bill circulating now on Capitol Hill called the Fix Crowdfunding Act (HR 4855). The proposed legislation, sponsored by Congressman Patrick McHenry, was crafted to fix some the most glaring omissions from Title III of the JOBS Act…. Read More

The Renaissance of the Retail Investor: Fixing America’s Wealth Disparity

This is important.  In the United States, the wealth disparity is growing – not closing. While there are multiple reasons why this wealth gap has occurred, the growing dominance of big money over smaller investors has clearly exacerbated this societal challenge.  Unfortunately, policy officials have… Read More

How Much Money Would You Be Worth if You Had Invested in Uber on AngelList?

Uber is a poster child for the collaborative economy and the new breed of unicorns cropping up. The profound success of Uber and their disruptive approach to public transport has flipped the taxi-cab industry upside down – for the better. Sure, they are marching in… Read More

FinFair 2015 (Photo Gallery)

FinFair 2015 took place in Manhattan on July 29th. The event was a combination of old school finance and FinTech entrepreneurs – the disruptive types who are quickly changing the world of finance. According to event organizer Dara Albright, “Wall Street is about to discover the… Read More

Mitigating Fraud in Crowdfinance – Webinar

Join us for a live interactive webinar session where Paul Niederer, the CEO of the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB), will discuss how the world’s oldest equities crowdfunding platform has been able to remain FRAUD FREE after completing hundreds of raises in over 10… Read More

FinFair to Discuss the Future of Finance in NYC

FinFair, a crowd-centric conference that aims to bring together Wall Street legends with FinTech innovators, will take place in Manhattan on July 29th.  The finance industry is going through a period of dramatic change as technology is altering all aspects of capital formation. FinFair wants… Read More

FinFair Set to Discuss Disruptive Finance on Wall Street

FinFair 2015 will be a gathering that discusses the leadership, products and technologies driving the crowd-centric retail alternatives market.  The event is viewed as forum for  is pleased to officially announce one of the most groundbreaking FinTech and alternative finance programs to penetrate Wall Street. Crowd-centric… Read More

When to Pivot, When to Fold: What Every CEO & Investor Needs to Know

The thing that excites me most about today’s crowdfinance-inspired path of capital formation is its unprecedented ability to mitigate shareholder risk and groom more productive businesses. It does this by allowing companies to gauge consumer demand and presell products prior to it outlaying any manufacturing,… Read More

Are We in a Peer to Peer Bubble?

I’ve always said that you can gauge the success of an industry by the growth and enthusiasm of its annual convention. It’s also a great barometer of market peaks and bubbles – especially when you have the chance to really get into the psyche of… Read More

A Guide to Peer to Peer Investing

This peer to peer lending guide (embedded below) is designed to introduce financial advisors, and those more financially sophisticated types, to the world of peer to peer investing. Peer to peer investing is the new hotness in the financial world. The efficiency of allocation generated by… Read More

Reg A Plus & Developing Venture Exchanges (Webinar)

Crowdfund Insider Senior Contributor, Sam Guzik, joined David Weild, former Vice Chair of Nasdaq, in a presentation last week on current issues regarding capital formation for SME’s. The discussion reviewed Title IV of the JOBS  Act (Regulation A+), the need for venture exchanges for secondary transactions… Read More

Perspective: The Core Mission of Crowdfinance

I spend many waking hours advocating for crowdfinance and preaching about the economic repercussions of an unjust financial system that inhibits entrepreneurs from procuring growth capital and restrains unaccredited investors from acquiring higher yielding private securities. I’ve dedicated more than four years to this endeavor… Read More

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