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Fintech Finix Expands Payments Solution to Tech-Savvy Merchant Businesses

Finix recently launched a new payments solution designed “for tech-savvy merchants looking for a reliable provider to power payments acceptance at a competitive price.” At its inception, Finix chose “to serve the most complicated customers first: payment facilitators managing intricate funds flows.” Starting with the… Read More

Finix Payments Reports Doubling TPV from 2020 to 2021, Firm Now Supports Many SMBs

For the past year and a half, the Finix team has reportedly been heads down, evolving their product. Now, they’re pleased to share what they’ve been up to. The Finix team reveals that they have been enhancing their products “to allow software platforms (e.g., vertical… Read More

Here’s the Min Gross Payment Volume Needed to Integrate Payments: Report

Gross Payment Volume (GPV) is a term commonly used in payments to “describe the total monetary value of transactions that pass through a payments system (Merchant, Payment Facilitator, Payment Processor, etc.) within a defined period of time.” As noted in an update from Finix Payments,… Read More

Finix Payments Product Team Sees Fintech Evolving Mainly from a Competitive and Regulatory Perspective, Further Consolidation Quite Possible

Finix Payments notes that 2021 was another “crazy” year in Fintech (and for the planet in general). Finix wrote in a blog post that they wouldn’t be here “without the people behind the scenes working hard to bring better payments processing technology to software platforms,… Read More

Cross River VC Firm Has Fintech Focus

Cross River Bank seeks to extend its reach as a provider of fintech services through its new venture capital firm. Cross River Digital Ventures looks for companies which blend lending, payments, investing and fintech and which can bring further value to Cross River, “Cross River… Read More

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