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Estateguru Reports €15.0M Successfully Repaid by Borrowers, and €10M in Loans Funded Across All Markets

August was a benchmark month for Estateguru, with a “record-breaking” €15.0M successfully repaid by borrowers. Estateguru also reports that it saw €10,0M in loans funded across all of their markets. August was a key month for Estateguru, with substantial repayments by platform borrowers. In addition… Read More

British Business Bank Supports £12.4B of Finance via Core Programs

British Business Bank is supporting more than £12.4bn of finance through its core programs and meets its objectives, but “reports a loss for 2022/23 due to falls in market valuations.” Louis Taylor, CEO, British Business Bank, said: “The British Business Bank has continued to build… Read More

Digital Debt Marketplace Debitum Shares Latest Platform Updates

During August 2023, Debitum says that it continued to implement the platform’s long-term development plan. Last month: the change in ownership of Debitum was announced (expect more details soon). As noted in the update from Debitum, Ukrainian asset management was “restructured and announced new investment… Read More

European Investment Platform PeerBerry Reports €45.52M of War-Affected Loans Being Repaid to Investors

In 19 months of the war (since February 24, 2022), PeerBerry business partners Aventus Group and Gofingo Group have, in total, “repaid PeerBerry investors €45.52 million or 90.64% of the total outstanding war-affected obligations.” Compared to other war-affected platforms, PeerBerry claims that it is the… Read More

UK Property Development: Northern Ireland Housing Executive Invested £32M+ into Building Social Homes in North East of Country

The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) has reportedly invested more than £32m into building more than 400 new social homes in the north east of the country last year, the team at UK’s Blend Network has noted. Blend Network, a development finance lender, says it’s… Read More

UK Fintech Tide Reportedly Reaches 10% SME Market Share

Tide, the business financial platform, has reached a significant growth milestone. The business now claims a 10% market share of all UK small businesses “with more than 550,000 customers (members).” Tide serves small businesses which “don’t have their own finance function, such as sole traders,… Read More

Netcapital Funding Portal Revenues Increase Substantially

Netcapital Inc. (Nasdaq: NCPL), a digital private capital markets ecosystem, announced financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2024 ended July 31, 2023. Martin Kay, CEO of Netcapital Inc., said: “We are delighted to announce a very strong quarter for our funding portal,… Read More

Mintos Reports Surge in Total Platform Investments of €99.5M Worth of Notes Funded, €4.3M in Interest Earned by Investors

The month of August has shown “promising growth” on Mintos. As noted in a blog post by Mintos, the total investments saw “a significant increase of €99.5 million worth of Notes funded, and interest earned by investors climbed to €4.3 million.” The average interest rate… Read More

UK’s Funding Circle Releases Latest Financial Results, Reports Modest Increase in Income

Funding Circle (LSE: FCH) has recently published its HY 2023 results, “covering the six months ended 30 June 2023.” The business delivered a solid financial performance in line “with expectations and the guidance it set in March for FY2023 and FY2025 remains unchanged.” Here are… Read More

Investment Platform Robocash Reports Solid Results, Key Changes in August 2023

Robocash notes that the month of July turned out to be “active,” which is reflected in the key monthly figures. For now, Robo.cash says they are still “keeping a low-key offer and waiting for updates from the business.” As covered, Robo.cash has announced upcoming changes… Read More

PeerBerry Reports Record €75.36M of Loans Funded in August via Platform

In August, PeerBerry reportedly crossed two key milestones. PeerBerry investors funded “a record amount of EUR 75.36 million in loans, exceeding a pre-war level”. It is the largest amount funded “in one month on the platform in PeerBerry’s six-year history.” At the end of August,… Read More

Cloud Banking Fintech nCino Reports Steady Business, Revenue Growth

nCino, Inc. (NASDAQ: NCNO), which claims to be a pioneer in cloud banking for the global financial services industry, announced financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2024, ended July 31, 2023. Pierre Naudé, Chairman and CEO of nCino, said: “We are very… Read More

BIGG Digital Assets Reports Latest Financial Results

BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (CSE: BIGG), owner of Netcoins and Netcoins USA, the online cryptocurrency brokerage that makes it easy for North Americans to buy, sell and stake cryptocurrency, and Blockchain Intelligence Group, a developer of blockchain technology search, risk-scoring and data analytics solutions, is… Read More

UK’s Digital Bank Zopa Releases Update on Financial Performance

Steve Hulme, CFO at Zopa Bank, has shared an update on their financial performance. Last year was an “exceptionally” strong year for Zopa Bank that reportedly “laid the foundations for their strong profitable growth.” The firm’s management added that as people in the UK continued… Read More

Paystand, the B2B Payments Fintech, Reports Steady Business Growth

Paystand, the B2B payments company with the world’s largest commercial blockchain, claims that it has “defied” market conditions and experienced “a more than 600% growth rate over the past three years.” At a time when inflation is an ongoing issue, the stock market “remains volatile,… Read More

Latvia’s Eleving Group Reports Net Portfolio of €295M in Q2 2023

Eleving Group has announced unaudited results for the first half of 2023. The company has provided the following operational and financial information: Eleving Group reveals that it “recorded €90.6M in revenues in Q2 2023. Lease and subscription-based products contributed to €25.2M of the revenue, up… Read More

European Debt Marketplace Debitum Shares Key Platform Updates

Debitum notes that July is one of the quietest months in the investment world, however, the firm has been “very active” during this time. During July, Debitum reveals that they have: added new ABS assets from Sandbox Funding to the platform, offered to invest on… Read More

Investment Platform Robocash Claims that Net Wealth of Europeans has Increased Significantly

By the end of 2022, the value of net assets per average resident of Europe reached €50,000, according to an update from Robocash. According to a report from Robocash, the largest share is occupied “by conservative instruments with noticeably growing alternative sources of financing.” Analysts… Read More

Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Firm Riot Platforms Releases Latest Financial Results

Riot Platforms, Inc. (NASDAQ: RIOT), which claims to be an industry leader in Bitcoin (BTC) mining and data center hosting, reported financial results for the three-month period ended June 30, 2023. The unaudited financial statements and accompanying presentation materials are available on Riot’s official website…. Read More

Inter&Co, a Fintech App Offering Digital Commerce Services, Reports Latest Financial Results

Inter&Co, Inc (Inter), (NASDAQ: INTR), the Super App which provides financial and digital commerce services to more than 28 million customers, recently reported financial results for its second quarter ended June 30, 2023. João Vitor Menin, CEO of Inter&Co said: “This quarter marks an inflection… Read More

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