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Crowdfunding Compliance Event Adds State Securities Officials to Presenter List

With Title II accredited crowdfunding and Reg A+ crowdfunding picking up steam, interest is growing as to how best leverage the internet to raise capital online.  Until the JOBS Act of 2012, it was forbidden to “generally solicit” or advertise certain private placements. But at… Read More

Kickstarter Set to Open Up in Ireland

According to reports the popular crowdfunding platform to another country; New York City-based crowdfunding giant, Kickstarter, has plans to launch a new funding platform for crowdfunders in Ireland. The Irish Independent reports there have been only 90 Irish projects on the crowdfunding platform since its inception. 48… Read More

Crowdfunding a new kind of industrial revolution

Across the world people are beginning to invent new products ranging from games consoles to watches and thermostats, raise finance by asking the public to support their endeavours on crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter, Fundit and IndieGoGo, and are bringing their inventions to market in a… Read More

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