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Update: Creative Shopping App Fy Nears £375,000 on Seedrs

Back in September, creative shopping app, Fy, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs to raise £375,001 for its online services. The app has become so successful that it is currently nearing its initial goal on the equity platform. As previously reported, the app, which was created in 2014… Read More

Brief: Creative Shopping App Fy Exceeds £220K in Seedrs Funding, Offers Curated Feed of Emerging Designer Products

Fy has made a niche for itself as a shoppable Instagram: a daily feed of unique, affordable products from emerging brands around the world. Currently fundraising on Seedrs, Fy seeks to raise £375,001 for 9.94% equity offered.  Valued at £3,399,074, Fy has already secured more than £220,964,… Read More

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