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G7 Edict Includes Statement on Central Bank Digital Currency

The G7 Finance Ministers, along with several international organizations, met the past couple of days in the UK to discuss “building a strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive global economic recovery.” Intermingled amongst the goal of creating a global minimum tax of 15% targeting big tech… Read More

G7: Cryptocurrencies Such as Libra Pose a Risk to the Global Financial System

The Group of 7 (G7), representing the 7 largest developed economies in the world, is preparing a report slamming Facebook’s Libra. The proposed stablecoin that aspires to be a non-sovereign global currency has been hammered since it was revealed earlier this year. Government officials from… Read More

G7 Update on Stablecoins: Working Group has Identified Some Key Considerations for Critical Issues to be Solved.

As part of the G7 meeting in France last week, a series of announcements were made. The G7 represents the seven largest advanced economies in the world. Finance ministers from these countries descended upon Chantilly, France to discuss a multitude of issues. One of these… Read More

Mnuchin from the G7: “Anybody…that Touches a Bitcoin is Responsible for (Combatting) Money Laundering”

Speaking from outside G7 meetings being held in Chantilly, France, on Thursday, US Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, elaborated on his government’s recently expressed sentiments towards Facebook’s Libra and cryptocurrencies in general. “Anybody in the US that touches a Bitcoin is responsible for (enforcing)… Read More

On Eve of Regulated ICOs in France, Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire Tweets About Concerns Regarding Facebook’s Libra at G7 Meeting

Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister of the Economy and supporter of cryptocurrency, has been tweeting about virtual currencies today during meetings of the G7 taking place in France. Le Maire has been a vocal supporter of blockchain technology and a strong voice in support… Read More

UHY Study Shows Bank Lending In USA Falling Behind G7 Peers

Bank lending to the private sector in the US has stagnated in the last year, down by 0.13% in real terms, and continuing to fall behind the rest of the G7, according to a new study by UHY, an international accountancy network. UHY warns that… Read More

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