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Infragram Is A Small Infrared Camera For Geek Gardeners

Did you know that looking at a garden in infrared can help a gardener see areas of high growth versus elements of low growth or decay? You learn something new every day. That is the idea behind the Infagram, which aims to put an infrared… Read More

Click & Grow Turns To Kickstarter To Seed Its 2nd Gen “Smart Herb Garden”

Another established hardware startup is turning to Kickstarter to help fund its next wares. This time it’s the turn of Click & Grow, maker of the smart garden that lets you grow a plant indoors with little or no intervention. After selling over 50,000 units of its first… Read More

Crowdfunding for Urban Gardens Across America

Whole Kids Foundation, PACT and Indiegogo have joined forces to create an inspiring crowdfunding initiative: building 100 urban gardens across the United States. This is the first time a non-profit, a brand and a global crowdfunding platform have partnered to help drive change in local… Read More