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Digital Asset Exchange OKEx Joins SharesPost Security Token Network in Global Expansion Push for Trading

SharesPost has announced that OKEx, a Hong Kong based digital assets exchange, is joining their Global Liquidity and Settlement System (GLASS). SharesPost received approval to operate as an Alternative Trading System (ATS) earlier this year – a necessary move to trade in securities in a… Read More

Digital Asset Exchange OKCoin & SharesPost Partner on Global Security Token Network

SharesPost, a FINRA-registered broker-dealer and ATS, has partnered up with OKCoin a digital asset exchange. The two firms will be working together on SharesPost’s Global Liquidity And Settlement System (GLASS) as exchange nodes. GLASS will provide OKCoin with compliant access to the U.S. investor market. GLASS is… Read More

UK Zero-Waste Restaurant Silo Now Seeking Funds on Crowd2Fund to Repurpose Glass Bottles into Glass Porcelain

Silo, a UK-based zero-waste restaurant, is now seeking £10,000 on Crowd2Fund to acquire machinery to repurpose glass from used wine bottles and turn them into fine glass porcelain. The restaurant reported that it needs to purchase a bottle ‘crusher’ and jewelry polish to create fine… Read More

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