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Silo $132M push led by Koch Industries, Andreessen Horowitz

A Koch Industries subsidiary and Andreessen Horowitz are among the backers behind a $132 million infusion into Silo Technologies, a Fintech provider focused on the food supply chain. The funds consist of $100 million to introduce the funding program Cash Advance and a $32 million… Read More

Seed Crowdfunded on OurCrowd, Silo Launches Pre-Sale Campaign on Kickstarter

Silo, a company that was seed funded on investment platform OurCrowd, has launched their patented one-touch vacuum-sealing system on Kickstarter. Silo is seeking a minimum amount of $80,000 in orders. Silo is part of OurCrowd’s AI focused fund Cognitiv Ventures, Israel’s most active AI investor… Read More

UK Zero-Waste Restaurant Silo Now Seeking Funds on Crowd2Fund to Repurpose Glass Bottles into Glass Porcelain

Silo, a UK-based zero-waste restaurant, is now seeking £10,000 on Crowd2Fund to acquire machinery to repurpose glass from used wine bottles and turn them into fine glass porcelain. The restaurant reported that it needs to purchase a bottle ‘crusher’ and jewelry polish to create fine… Read More

Pre-Industrial / Zero Waste Restaurant Successfully Raises Capital on Crowd2Fund

This equity crowdfunding campaign is so cool.  Silo is a “zero waste” restaurant, coffee house and bakery that promotes “a pre-industrial food system”. They have just closed a small funding round on Crowd2Fund.  This is described as the “first zero waste restaurant ever in the UK”. To… Read More

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