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Pebble Time Nears $20 Million in Crowdfunding During Final Days of Campaign on Kickstarter

The most successful Kickstarter campaign ever, Pebble Time, is nearing its close scheduled for March 27th. The pre-emptive strike against the forthcoming Apple Watch has not only proven the intense interest in wearable Pebble smartwatch tech, but in many respects has validated predictions of strong demand… Read More

On Indiegogo: Laforge Crowdfunding For The Icis, A Prescription Google Glass Competitor

Various campaigns for wearable smart glasses have been launched via crowdfunding efforts. The latest comes from Boston-based Laforge Optical, who is seeking to crowdfund a pair of smart glasses for the optically challenged set. It’s called the Icis, and it’s a pair of smart glasses… Read More

On Indiegogo: Atheer 3D Glasses Promise Features To Surpass Google Glass

With 40 days left in their Indiegogo campaign, wearable device technology startup Atheer has raised over $70,000 of a stated $100,000 goal for their innovative spin on 3D glasses. The consumer-level variant is called the Atheer One, and the feature set promised by the team… Read More

Google Glass Alternative GlassUp Draws Backers, Legal Ire

GlassUp is a Google Glass competitor currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The device has drawn interest not only from 200+ campaign backers, but also Google’s legal team. In June 2012, Google filed trademark applications worldwide for “Glass,” as it pertains to computer hardware, computer peripherals, wearable… Read More

What Google’s Investment In Lending Club Means For Crowdfunding

Google’s stake in Lending Club could signal future dominance of P2P and P2B lending in the crowdfunding space.

Entrepreneur Kickstarting Google Glass Enabled Documentary

Chris Shaw, an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Kansas City-based startup accelerator and business incubator Think Big Partners has been selected by Google to be a beta tester of its exclusive Glass hardware. Google selected only 8,000 people worldwide to be part of its Glass Explorers program, an… Read More

Rush for #IfIHadGlass Leads to Surge in Crowdfunding for Google Glasses

Google Glasses have been quite the chatter as of late.  The eponymous invention from the  loins of the Googleplex quickly became a much desired fashion accessory / tech wizardry last year when examples starting popping up live and in the wild at choice locations.  The… Read More

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